I am so impressed with this company! We had a huge Norway Maple at the back of our property that had reached the end of it's life. It had been struck by lightening a few years ago and had dropped some huge limbs during wind storms. Neighbours pointed out damage on the back side of the tree that we hadn't noticed. It looked like the tree posed a serious hazard to the five properties it overhung. We were concerned and called Toronto Tree Removal to have a look as they had been recommended very highly by a friend of ours. Even though it was over the Christmas break, Aaron Hill came by to assess the tree. It was in worse shape than we knew. Not surprisingly Aaron found the tree posed an imminent hazard and sent along a very reasonable quote for the job. We accepted the quote and Aaron submitted his arborist report to the Urban Forestry Dept. identifying the tree as an imminent hazard. The city agreed with this assessment and ordered the tree to come down within 72 hours. Aaron managed an extension for a few extra days while we negotiated with neighbours for the use of their private drive for removal of the tree as egress between houses is quite narrow. It also gave me time to clear the area of bird baths, sculptures, furniture and assorted accumulated junk and take down a few fences in our garden. Aaron's crew, who were a personable and encouraging mix of young men and women arrived bright and early on the appointed day and immediately figured out the most efficient way to get take the tree down without damage to all the garden sheds, fences and garages it was right in the middle of. To describe this removal as difficult would be an understatement. They worked with such high levels of skill, efficiency and attention to detail it was impossible not to be thoroughly impressed. I took the entire day to get the tree down and the crew left as it got dark. Aaron and another crewman returned the next morning to clean up all the sawdust in our yard and the neighbours yards. While it was traumatic to loose such large tree that had supported the local wildlife for so long, Aaron and his crew made it much less so. We are very satisfied and wouldn't hesitate to recommend this company. Thanks so much Toronto Tree Removal, your reputation is well earned!

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Company Response

Hi Ken,
Thank-you for taking the time to write this extensive review.
The team at Toronto Tree Removal love a challenge and we are happy we could accommodate your special needs.
It is nice to hear your appreciation. Glad to be of service.
Greatly Appreciated,
From the team at Toronto Tree Removal Inc.


We got off to a bit of a poor start in terms of communication with this company, a slow repose to our inquiry and a missed estimate appointment. When we did get in contact, Adam (the owner) suggested we read some of these reviews and I was satisfied enough to approve the estimate. I was given a 3 day window for the work to commence. Nearing the end of the third day two young men appeared to start the work. I asked how long it might take, they said about a day. I had my doubts as they started pulling up the pavers, but then more of these young men arrived from the previous job site until there were about 7 of them working at a rapid pace. By 5:30 they had the drive area levelled, graded and most of the pavers back when Adam arrived for an inspection. He and I agreed that an adjoining section of pavers needed to come up to provide the appropriate drainage. This meant pulling up some of the previously laid pavers to get the grading correct. As someone who makes things, I appreciated the commitment to doing the job well. This added some extra time and effort to the job but the result was nothing less than excellent. The final cost was a bit more than estimated, however I am willing to pay for excellence and don’t feel it was out of line. My rating is tempered by the fact that they didn’t seem to have a good strategy for removing excess soil and screenings and some of that went into the planters, until the foreman asked if we had any leaf bags, which I provided. The crew were friendly, personable and honestly doing the best possible job they could. I’m very satisfied with the results.

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Company Response

Thank you for the detailed review, and both your kind words and valuable feedback.
With regards to the waste gravel, we do have a system for removing it in reusable bags. As one of the workers was surprisingly unaware of this I kindly reminded him that dirt mixed with gravel is waste and that homeowners don't want it in their gardens. The other worker who asked for leafs bags was using that for the unrelated task of cleaning the branches and leaves at the edges of the driveway.
Again, we appreciate your high praise for the quality of the work and the temperament of our team.
It was a pleasure working for you.