I had a house that I was considering buying, but had a few concerns about. The service 4Sight provided was fantastic - I was contacting them on short notice, and had a very limited time slot where the seller could provide access to the house, but Chris was awesome enough to drive out of his usual service area to go over this property with me. Chris was able to answer all of my questions, identified several critical pieces of information about the property that I never would have noticed, and was able to give me ballpark estimates of the costs that I would be looking at to resolve those issues. The final report I got was fantastic - over 70 pages of detailed information and photos of the exact condition of the house. His assistance made me feel much safer about the offer I was putting in on the house, as I now knew exactly what I was buying. Thanks again Chris!

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Company Response

It is a big investment and I want you to have all the important information needed to make the right decision. A home inspection also should provide regular maintenance information so that regular upkeep can be done so you can maintain the home. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks Chris