TLDR -- we've had our units for 7 months; they've come into our home 4 times because of defects, 1 unit had to be replaced with a brand new one, we have cleaned our filters 5 times (they recommend once every 6 months), and now we're again running into issues with another unit. Despite all the good reviews we have seen about this company, this place has not given us anything but headaches. We had them install three mini splits in our house 7 months ago (March 2022), and have called them back almost every 6 weeks since then due to a malfunction in 2 of the 3 units -- the only reason the third hasn't had issues is because it's barely used. In fact, we had to push them to replace one with a brand new unit. At this point, Oct 2022, one of the units is AGAIN defective, this time the one on the main floor. Their installers also have no respect or regard for our time, coming in whenever they want within a 4-hour time window without warning despite our request for a text or call when they're on their way. My partner and I work from home and once, they came unannounced while both of us were in work meetings and then they just left. Another time, they took photos of the unit out of context, accusing us of having "dirty filters" and not maintaining our units properly and have circulated it among their internal staff without our consent. I highly advise you stay away from this company. Spare your money, time and your energy. There are many other options for HVAC-related services out there.

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Company Response

Hi Paolo & Trixie,

We acknowledge that you have unfortunately been experiencing some problems with your ductless system which was installed back in February 2022. As a factory authorized dealer of Carrier, we do understand that issues can arise from systems. Although we can not control breakdowns nor do we manufacture any of the products, our job as your contractor is to support you through the issues that arise, and stand by you until these issues are resolved.

As per your contract, Maple Air is responsible for a Labour Warranty of 2 years, and we continue to stand by that. When you raised the issue of a water leak coming from your indoor heat pump head, we serviced the unit on July 4, 2022 and fixed the problem at no charge. When you experienced an issue regarding the noisy blower, our technician revisited your home on July 30, 2022 at no charge. We believed in fighting for your case and going above and beyond to replace that whole ductless indoor unit despite only the blower fan part needing to be replaced. As a courtesy, Maple Air created a case with Carrier and replaced your whole indoor unit at no charge.

On October 28, 2022, you contacted us regarding an error code which appeared on your indoor ductless unit. We attended on October 29 with two Technical Managers and the initial installer to rectify the issue. We do understand that the issues you have experienced with your units are not ideal for a seamless customer experience. As a reputable HVAC contractor, our duty is to resolve all issues when they arise. We always listen to our customer's feedback, and by voicing your concerns, you are helping to improve our operation.

We would like to remind you that heat pump systems require regular maintenance to ensure proper operation. As per our email to you, we have informed you that manufacturers require the outdoor and indoor units to be maintained annually in order to qualify for parts warranty in the future. Even though you declined our Maintenance & Protection Plan program, please still ensure that maintenance is being completed on an annual basis. We understand that you take good care of your system and consistently clean the filters of your indoor units. However, the outdoor condenser unit also needs to be cleaned annually or depending on the outside condition, as it can capture debris as well.

We believe we have stood by you and wish to continue doing so. Our technical managers and customer service team are eager to help resolve any remaining concerns you may have. If you would like to discuss your case further, please do not hesitate to contact us at 905-532-0744, we will readily address your concerns.

Customer Success Team
Maple Air Inc