Please do NOT go with this company! It is by far the worst "business" I have ever dealt with. From the persistent cold calls all the way through the process it was nothing but a hassle. Initially they made the wrong windows and dates were changed. Upon initial arrival they did not have the proper materials and then another date had to be set up. This happened in following appointments as well. Also, I now have to stain the frames this summer 2012, after being assured that my originals could go back up as is. So it will end up being closer to a year for completion of a job that was scheduled to be completed August 2011. Furthermore, the windows are a cheap quality product. After windows were installed, 3 out of 5 locks did not work. After an extended period of time the 3 locks were finally fixed. The first time I used the one lock, it fell off in my hand. The day after the locks were fixed the first time, I received a threatening call that they were going to call a lawyer and collection agency. After requesting that the original antique windows be left on the property, I discovered a window had been taken. It was never explained what happened, a return or a discount. After window installation, I am still and will forever be dissatisfied with window locks that are up far too high (at ceiling level)and windows that do not open fully. Whatever you do ... don't go with Landmark!

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