I hired Abell Pest Control soon after I moved into my present home. The house had been empty for 5 months & I had a bug problem (mice had also been treated for by previous owners by Abell). I had a 1st rate technician in Lincoln. A 2nd visit was scheduled & Ken did an extra treatment. I'm now free of ants, mice & above all - car[penter ants. This is in London On & having read the review posted here, I'm surprised to find that the only London one was poor. I believe that only dissatisfied people tend to write reviews. I think that the satisfied ones need to come forward more often. I've heard nothing but good things about Abell from people I know. EF

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What could this company do to improve their services?
I think they could perhaps show their willingness to return if they made an automatic appointment to come back & check at a specific time instead of having the customer contact them.
Any advice to offer fellow homeowners facing a similar project?
Yes Call Abell!
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