Worst experience of our lives. Their truck had an old broken vacuum bag and all the old dust and debris that was inside of it (from other people’s homes) got sucked in all through our house. Dust and debris everywhere: the carpets, our clothing, our vents… every room, everywhere. We had to pay thousands of dollars to have the entire house properly cleaned. The owner’s solution for all our troubles: to give us a free furnace filter to clean the particles out of the air. Not even a refund let alone cover the cleaning costs. In addition to all that, they did not follow any NADCA protocols. They didn’t cover the vents. They didn’t even remove the cold air return grilles but instead bent every grill in the house by shoving their spray nozzle through the grilles. Because of this, their spray leaked down every single one of our walls. It permanently stained the walls and we had to paint every room in the house. I know this all sounds hard to believe, but it all happened. You can’t make this stuff up. And that’s truly not even the whole story. They are truly a complete circus company. The owner did not care that they contaminated our house, but was more concerned that we would give him a bad rating. For your own HEALTH, do NOT hire this company, hire someone reputable. Note: writing bad reviews is not something I do, this the first bad review I’ve written in my life.

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Company Response

are you sure we have served you ,,
our company only serves Ottawa.
i have no Idea who you are ,, I m not sure how Home stars allows this type of reviews without verifying if you are real customer or not .
would you please confirm if you are mistaken us by the other companies name our phone number is 613-247-5959 Ottawa .
please double check I have no Idea who you are and why you are slandering us with this review we just we dont know you
please I would appreciate a call from you, maybe some one out there using our company name to serve in Toronto or else where