We bought our small bungalow in 2014 and with the birth of my children the space was no longer enough for us so we explored the possibility of either buying a bigger house or to make an addition to ours. Definitely based on market prices we decided to go with the second option. NPC Building renovated my neighbours’ basement and bathrooms and after we saw their final product and based on an amazing referral from our neighbour, we decided to schedule a meeting with Natanael to go over our different ideas. Our meeting was very productive and by the end of it we knew exactly what and how we wanted. Natanael and his team took care of drawings, city permits and every detail of the reno from start to finish he also provided us with a detail list of all the suppliers which made our life so much easier. We are very happy not only with our new house which we are all enjoying to the maximum specially the kids but also with the level of dedication that every member of the NPC Building put on day by day.

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Many thanks Julie for your review! It was a pleasure working with you and your family