We needed our clogged bathtub fixed quickly. I called Out Of This World Home Services. $432.00 for under 20 mins of using a machine to unclog the problem. Just sat on the side of the tub...and used a machine. Seriously? Wow... never ever again. When I questioned this... I was told it was because of "the machine we use". Wow...that sucker must cost thousands and thousands.... and at the rate you charge, it's been paid for already ok ?? As I said... never again.

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Company Response

Hello Digger Richard. I am really sorry to hear that your experience with our company was not a positive one.

It’s true, skilled trade services are not cheap, but we do stand behind the value of our services. Plumbers are in high demand due to a shortage in the industry, and we compensate our team well (deservingly so) for their education, experience, and the work they do. And yes, the equipment we use is more expensive than one might imagine. Also, upon reviewing your invoice and your file, we confirmed that the charges from the same service a couple years ago, were consistent with your most recent invoice.

I understand the office manager has reached out to you, and you’re welcome to get back to her should you want to discuss your experience further.

We review our pricing processes annually, and as part of our company values to continuously review our services, we do need to take all feedback - especially critical- into consideration. So while we are disappointed you weren’t satisfied with your experience, I do thank you for your business and for your feedback. It is noted, and we hope that we may win back your business in the future. If not, we understand. Thank you again.