On Sept 1st, we hired Nk movers to move bulk furniture as we had already moved ask the boxes the day prior. This includes the furniture in 3 bedrooms, a sofa set and coffee table, sectional sofa from basement along with another coffee table, a refrigerator, snowblower, treadmill and BBQ. 3 guys arrived (late) and proceeded with disassembling furniture. The first issue was with the deep gouge they put into a wall when carrying over of the dressers down the stairs. One of the movers seemed very inexperienced as he had no idea on how to maneuver furniture the way an experienced mover knows. The result a deep gouge in the stairwell wall. I pointed this out, and they asked if I had paint! I could understand unsung paint to hide a scuff, but this required drywall mud to fix. Bringing up the fridge from the basement, took about 45 mins. They didn't have tools and asked if I had a tape measure and a screwdriver. (Another bad sign). I asked my neighbor and we managed. The new home was only 10 mins away, however they managed to take 1:30 to arrive; possibly having lunch so let's just assume they did that. When they arrived, they randomly placed furniture in random places, despite my wife telling then where things went. The fun started when they brought out the coffee table. This is part of a living room set which cost is quite a bit of money. They managed to put deep gouges on it. They leaned a headboard against a wall, which resulted in it sliding down crashing into the floor. Luckily, this only resulted in scuffing the wall. The treadmill stayed in the garage as they couldn't figure out how to bring it in. Same with the fridge. At this point, I had enough and told them to stop. This basic move (not including all there boxes and assembling of furniture had already used up 7 hours with 3 guys). I called the customer service drowned with my complaint and they have yet to get back to me. I called again today, and still nothing. The following day I opened my BBQ storage area to replace the propane tank. Inside. That had jammed a big bag of lawn fertilizer. They jammed it so tight that they tire a holler in the bag which resulted in me losing 1/3 bag, not to mention the stain on the storage doors which had to be bent back into shape. Walking bay the sectional couch, I noticed a tear in the back of the leather.. These guys are awful. If you are looking to dispose of furniture, then maybe give these guys a call, otherwise stay away. UPDATE: Owner finally called me today (11 days after the incident after numerous unanswered calls). Offers me $100 resolution. What a joke. Table alone was appraised at $900. Stay away, you have been warned.

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We have a all brick home with the exception being the area where the sliding door leads to the backyard. For some reason, the builder used some painted exterior-grade plywood shaped much like a bay window, with two windows and a sliding door in the center panel, and an additional window in each of the walls which define the bay window, for this "feature". After noticing some wood rot, I contacted Aiad at Cosmopolitan Construction. Aiad was very pleasant and accommodating. He came to visit out home when it was convenient for us and provided many honest suggestions on what could be done and exactly how it would be done. I was particularly pleased that I wasn't talking to a sales guy, but rather the guy that would be doing the work. We made the deal. Aiad was on time and kept the site very clean. And most importantly, the end result is beautiful. I would have no reservations recommending Aiad for any future jobs.

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