We have Martino to install our high velocity AC/heat unit as well as an HRV unit. The team asked our siding contractor to install the end caps on the exterior of the house and they left him the two end caps. The siding contractor, at our expense did the end cap install. We did not find out until a few years after the install that the end caps that were left by Martino were not the correct size and most importantly the one they left for the HRV was an exhaust style end cap, so no fresh air was ever going to brought into the house for the HRV to circuluate! We called Martino back in to address some heating issues and when the contractor came back for that call back we showed them the end caps that had been installed as per Martino's request. We also showed him the correct end caps that we had brought to replace the faulty ones left by Martino. Ours were the correct size as per what the heating designer had specified. The one we put in for the HRV did of course allow for ventilation. Martino's contractor also noticed that the pipes did not properly reach the end caps (neither the end caps left by Martino, nor the new ones we had). Martino's contractor concluded that an extra pieces would have to be fashioned to properly join the pipes to the end cap. He also 100% agreed that the one that have been left by Martino to install for the HRV was the incorrect design (which we already 100% knew). The contractor told us he would let the office know what he had concluded. We never received any follow-up. A long period of time passed and we did not hear back from Martino. We also did not follow-up from our end as we were doing much of the renovation work ourselves. We were unhappy that we could not use the HRV, and uncomfortable that the furnace end cap was not properly fitted nor fully attached to the pipe (and therefore was not exhausting properly). We tried a few more calls/emails with Martino. They seemed unable to find their records from their contractor who concluded there was a problem with end cap and the attachment, and that as a result the HRV could not be used and the furnace was not exhausing properly. We explained that we had done the lion's share of the repair by buying the correct end caps and getting a contractor to install them (they are on a very high part of the house, above sloped land). All we were asking Martino's to do now was the attach the pipe to the proper end caps, which required them to fashion a piece to make the attachment. We acknowledge that the original work done by Martino on our home was a long time ago. However, the work was never done properly and the HRV has never been able to be used at all due to their install errors related to end caps. The mistake was made at the time of install and they should own and make right on that mistake. I did tell Martino that I would write a review to warn others that this company will not make right on their errors if they did not come and take care of this long standing install error by this fall. They ignored my emails. This was a higher priced company. Their quote was higher than other bids we considered. However, they seemed to have had more experience with high velocity AC/heat units so we went with them. Given they charged a premium price for their install, you think they would follow-up on any mistakes that they made.

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Hi Carol. Thank you for the feedback and we are sorry to hear about these issues. We are going to reach out to you to discuss.