KEEP THis IN MIND HOMEOWNERS: Anyone you see here who gave negtively reviews or 0 ratings are their genuine customer (or ex-cusotmers most likely), while the rest with their company name embedded in the title or gave a perfect 10 or 9 ratings are fake and virtual customers created or manipulated by the company itself!! i had the same terrible experience like others. After their 5th "very best visits" this year, my lawn looks worse than ever. crazy weed, crabgrass, barren patches dead spots, insects and holes everywhere in my lawn!! I doubt if anyone ever came and did anything!? Oh sorry i shouldn't doubt that they've sent people over coz the blatant sign on my front lawn and frequent bills in the mail box keep reminding me, but I never seen them coming in person during the day, even though i've requested millions of time to call me before someone come so i can talk to him about my lawn problems even for once! But never happened. The worst part is their customer service, horrible, horrible!! Their job is not to solve problems, but solely to collect payment. When they hear word like "cancellation", "bill dispute" etc. they turn defensive immediately, however they do know how to response because they get similar calls all the times!!! They blame everything on yourself and they threatened you that the call will be recorded, so if you say anything like not going to pay the balance if problem not get fixed, they told you it's your problem and nobody will help you because you refused to pay!! Why the hell i have to pay if the service i receive is not satisfactory at all!!! well that's not the "best" part, the "best" part is you cannot even cancel it because you don't want to pay for the crappy service, and they will keep sending people over and over and doing nothing but building up the balance on your bill!!! Asking me what to do? well if they wanna keep doing that, don't dream i will spare one more penny, just sue me, please! Oh last note, don't ever trust them on the phone if they told you the weed will get controlled or your lawn is gonna get better after their next visist (to allure you to pay balance), well i believed them once and i regret it now, because you know that won't ever happen!!! Just stay away for god's sake.

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Excellent experience overall. Chester and his son were highly skilled and efficient at installing our windows.they completed the job in 1 day when we scheduled two days to get it done. We are extremely satisfied, and I already recommended landmark windows to my personal teainer:) thanks for a great product and an easy change in our home.

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