We instensively researched Homestars and elsewhere regarding who we should hire to replace the leaking galvanized steel waterline from the city line to our basement.  We are very pleased that after many quotations and back and forth correspondences with several companies, we hired Aqua Drain & Waterworks to take care of the issue that was gradually flooding my basement and driveway.  Denys and Sergie did an excellent job, and we highly recommend them to anyone with the same problem. They were hardworking, efficient, and friendly.  Denys clearly explained each step of the process before and during the job. Sergei dug one elevator-sized hole in the grass beside my driveway (which caused no damage to the driveway). Denys used a jackhammer to break the concrete in my basement that surrounded the water meter. Denys' hole allowed them to torpedo one nine-meter k-type copper coiled pipe to the hole Sergei had dug beside my driveway. The torpedo is a machine that looks like a torpedo and is attached to the new copper pipe. The torpedo gradually hammers it's way through the ground from the hole inside to the hole outside. Unfortunately, my old galvanized steel waterline pipe had leaked so much that the ground was compeletely saturated with water, making the damp soil constrict around the copper pipe, which in turn made it impossible for any person to pull the pipe through completely. Innovatively, Denys used the power of his van to pull the pipe through by attaching the cable to his van and to the pipe and gradually dragging the pipe through. Denys and Sergei arrived 15 minutes early at 8:15 AM and finished the job exactly as they had estimated at 5 PM. The clean up was thorough, and it included replacing the concrete in the basement. I was very impressed by the excellent job they did. I was particularly pleased because competing quotes from other companies had estimated that the cost would be almost double what Denys agreed to. Also, other companies would have required me to turn off my water for between 3 and 10 days due to the amount of water that had already leaked into the soil and their own schedules. Denys gave me the quote the day before the job, the water was turned off when he came to do the job, and I had water back that afternoon. I highly recommend Denys, Sergei (and the third assistant who helped with the middle part of the job). They were honsest, cheerful, innovative, hardworking, and reasonable in price and in the amount of time they took to complete the job. Thank you Aqua Drain & Waterworks. Paul Quinn

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Company Response

Dear Paul,

Thank you very much for taking the time to review the job. We are happy to know that you are satisfied with the results of our job. Aqua Drain and Waterworks is committed to deliver high quality service.