QEW Contracting are basically good intentioned people but it was our experience that they were very disorganized, and for this reason they were unable to fulfill their contracted promises. If you want your contract to be fulfilled in full than I would not recommend this company. If I were to give an example from my own experience as per the contract, we signed we picked the product recommended by their salesman and we were highly specific about our choice of product. When the installation crew arrived at our door, they did not know what product and layout had been ordered and when we identified the product, they told us this product was not available and had not been available for three weeks. We had placed our order five weeks earlier. The alternative products they suggested were lower cost products or the wrong colour. We decided to cancel our contract and told them we would write a review of our experience. The owner kept using the argument of Covid-19 as an excuse. We hired QEW Contracting on May 5th, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic so we believe they should have planned accordingly. The owner called us back several times and threatened us with legal action if we wrote a negative review. He than called us back an hour later to say they had found the product we ordered, (this means the product was in fact available.) However, I informed him we had already hired another company, that had also quoted for this job. If anyone is curious about the details of my experience they are welcome to send me a pm.

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Company Response

June 10, 2020
Dear Mr. and Mrs. T.
I am sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with QEW Contracting Ltd.
We have always taken much pride with the work we have done for our customers over the years. We’re usually known for our exceptional customer service/workmanship and we regret that we didn’t live up to those expectations here. You can see for yourself the reviews posted to date about our services, work and our interactions with them. Also, it’s part of our mantra that any issues raised by customers are to be taken seriously. We have always strived to do the best work we can for our customers.

We realize that in order to comply with the scope of work outlined in customer-approved contracts, we need to do some extra training with our sales staff. In future, we will have our sales staff include hardscaping product specifics like brand, type, colour and size on all contracts. This information will help our project manager in ordering and coordinating material requirements for future jobs so that everything arrives on a timely basis at a job site. As well we need to ensure that our project manager and installers are in constant communications with each other regarding product selections made by customers. By closely following this process, our installers will have the product information they need to ensure that a customer is not only satisfied with the installation but also the materials.
As for the issue resolution, we tried our professional best to solve your dissatisfaction that we could not provide you with the Unilock tumbled stone (as it was temporarily out of stock) you requested with a similar product from a very reputable supplier. Unfortunately, we could not accept your offer to supply the tumbled stones and we would deduct the cost from the signed contract. As the stone you wanted to supply was $14 per square foot, it was at least 1 ½ times more expensive than the value approved in our signed contract. We also offered to include at no extra charge to you 25’ feet of curbing. Unfortunately, you were not receptive to any of this and cancelled the remainder of the contract we had with you.
We truly thank you for the satisfaction you expressed with the parging work we did for you at your home during the first week of June. Also, we were happy to have helped out in doing the first part of the contract work on a rush basis so that you could put your house up for sale. We just had hoped you had some belief and confidence in us to finish off the balance of the contract. You would have been very satisfied and happy with it.
Best of luck in your future endeavors,

Saverio Patella


Did not show up for the installation appointment. Will not recommend to anybody. Please do a thorough online research on this company before proceeding We were given an installation date of Wednesday, November 6th for 08:00 a.m. and instructed by e-mail to remove all window treatments, and clear the areas of all furniture and cover anything that could be affected by dust prior to the installation. Received a call at 09:00 a.m. telling us the installation was cancelled because the windows weren't ready. They hadn't received the glass from their supplier. I questioned how it was possible they didn't know of this problem in advance but received no satisfactory answer. I found this behavior very suspicious so I did some research on the internet and discovered to my dismay they are unreliable and there are many negative reviews and photos of their shoddy work. (I can send photos to anyone who is interested.) They offered to reschedule for two weeks later. We declined and said we wanted to cancel. However, when they called us back, we were told we could not cancel because the ten day grace period had passed and we were obligated to take the windows or they would refer this matter to legal services. We have lost all confidence in their products and services. They expect us to live like this as seen in the photos for two weeks.

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Company Response

Dear Ihsan. We apologize for your experience with the installation date. It is not our intention to make you distrust the quality of our windows. Our intentions are always to provide the best for our customers, unfortunately sometimes unforeseen situations occur and we do the best resolve any such issues. In this case we ourselves only found out about the glass delay the morning of. If there is anything we can do to reesol this situation for you Please give us a call at 1-866-807-8064