Made appointment to have my washer looked at, leaking water on the floor. Service guy could not make the appointment so rescheduled for next day, next day the service guy wanted to change time of house call. could not change time as we already planed for his visit. Service technician came to the house kinda grumpy and found the door seal had a hole in it. after quoting me like $575.00 to fix the washer, he left the house to go find the seal. Since we did not hear back from the repair technician for a week i called another local company and they came and replaced the seal the same day. A week later we got a call from repair care, they had the seal and wanted to schedule a visit to install. i told Repair Care i already had the washer fixed. i explained to the guy on the phone what happened and on October 22, he opened a customer complaint on my behalf. never heard back on the customer complaint. not one word. Then the calls and emails started, repair care did not follow up on the poor service or the open complaint, they wanted their 126.00 for the service call. if i did not pay, they would send it to collections which would have a negative impact on your credit score. i was not negating paying the service call of 126.00, i just wanted someone to attend to my complaint. the customer complaint was filed Oct 22 and as of Today Nov 4 not a single responce from Repair care other than pressure to pay the $126.00 service call fee.

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Company Response

Thank you for your review Charlie and letting us know about your experience with our company. We are so sorry we were not able to manage your expectations. Charlie, our records show that on Oct 22nd we called for payment. 6 days after service was completed. In the recordings you clearly state that you are not paying because we missed the first appointment, that we were late for the rescheduled appointment, that we over quoted you and that another company came that day and did the repair. Our records show that we have contacted you over 12 times since Oct 22nd through phone, email and text to address your concerns. We have the recordings and your text responses. An immediate hold was placed on your file as you refused to pay several times. Charlie, we are so sorry, we cannot find any correspondence (phone, text, email or notes from technician or staff) where we let you know that we have the seal and are requesting a return visit. In the email opened Nov 4th @ 8:11 Client Care let you know again that we are sorry we missed the appointment as it did not show on the techs schedule and missing an appointment does not exempt you from paying your bill. You had the option to cancel at no charge but chose to reschedule. Your texts say you waited and waited for us to get back to you with a quote and we never did, your phone calls say we over quoted you. You said we were late. The appointment was scheduled between 12-6. The technician was there between 12-1. We called to see if you were available earlier. We let you know that unless there was anything further you wanted to discuss, your file was closed. We never heard back from you. We are sorry we could not manage your expectations, Charlie. We wish you well in finding a company that can meet your needs.

Best Regards,
RepairCare Team