I was contacted by a member of Landmark's marketing team, now I don't generally take solicitation phone calls but I guess i was having a good day and decided to give them a chance. I was set up with an estimate for my windows and doors at my earliest convenience and their rep came to my home and was very friendly, courteous and on time. I was impressed with their product so we decided to replace all of our windows and doors and placed the order with the rep that day. Once it came time to install my windows and doors it was a bad time of year, we had scheduled an appointment but had to rebook due to some poor weather conditions - I received a phone call first thing in the morning and was rescheduled immediately, they were so kind and apologetic about the situation, bad weather happens i was just grateful they let me know. The installers showed up on time and prepared the day we rescheduled and all the windows and doors went in with no problems. When they were done they took me through and explained how to work them, gave me a checklist and asked I thoroughly check their work and detail anything I am not satisfied with. Needless to say I had zero complaints. Even when I had a small issue with one of the locks a few weeks after they were installed, I phone their customer service department and they had a technician out within a week and he replaced the lock, no problem! I've never been happier to pull in my driveway and see such a lovely home, I owe it all to Landmark! I recommend them to anyone who asks

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