Bought house from Homes by Avi in 2012. In 2019 I had to replace broken hood fan. When I started to disconnect the old fan I discovered this. The hood fan (had to be chosen from a limited number available from their centre) had a 7" duct. They put in a standard 6" exterior duct. Whoever put in the electrical box to supply the hood fan put in low and in the way so the exterior duct is too low and off to the right. There was no connecting duct. They built the sheet metal box in the picture encasing the two ducts and then boxed it in wood so until now I had no idea the ducts were mismatched and not connected with airtight seal the way it should be. The flap of the metal box was not cut by me. I discovered it taped in place when I removed encasing wooden box that hid everything from view. Since I only discovered this this year, all warrantees are expired. Shoddy work for a house that cost over $800 K CAD. I shudder to think what other disasters are hidden behind the walls.

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Company Response

Hi B., We can understand how you'd be disappointed the mismatched duct, however, we've been assured by our trades that an encased box when built right, which yours was, will be airtight and exhaust properly directing air out of the house. From the looks of your picture, the box was working as intended as there is no debris in the duct box and there was no issues with the exhaust fan. Our warranty department has reached out to discuss further and is available to continue the conversation regarding your concerns if you wish to reach out.