This company is missing honesty and integrity. Deceptive billing. They doubled the actual travel times to knock up the bill by a small amount they didn't think I would care about. I was given an excuse that it was a big truck and there was traffic (Wednesday 2pm traffic is nonexistent in London). I knew all destinations well and can ride a bicycle in the same time they gave me for travel, google maps agrees. I had someone present at the start location sign the invoice and they are standing behind the position that it was a signed estimate. I was under the belief as I was told before hand that they would charge me the actual time, not a random figure they decided between my estimated time window. Their go to point is that I was not there. I did however have them timed at the original and final destination on video at both places so their only defense was travel times and it was signed. There were no problems with the move just the easily documentable exaggerated costs. I used London, Ontario.

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