I hired Allmax to come in for an air quality test after discovering 3 different areas of mold in our new home. Alan was very thorough, he really went the extra mile while there to look around the house and see if there were other areas of concern. I wish I had used his inspection services when purchasing the house, but would recommend him based on his thoroughness for any job. Thanks Alan!

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Company Response

Thanks Victoria.
Appreciate the kind words.
Going the extra mile is something we pride ourselves on.

Hoping all your reno's are coming along well.


AllMax Home & Property Inspections


DO NOT HIRE CLEARVIEW. My husband and I hired Tom and put our full trust in him, we were first time home buyers and didn’t know what to look for during the inspection process, and so relied on his “expertise”. Tom completely missed a sign of water damage, visible below the kitchen sink, which also had the smell of mold in the unfinished room below it. After closing on the property and discovering the extensive mold damage we asked if he noted anything suspicious and he said no, and that he didn’t take any photos below the kitchen sink because there must have been “things in the way”, meanwhile my husband has a photo taken on the day of the inspection that shows broken drywall and nothing blocking its view. The damage was so bad that the subfloor below the kitchen sink area is ROTTEN. We have had to gut our entire kitchen because the mold spread to the bottom cabinetry in a length of about 5 feet, and we also spent $3000 on mold remediation. Unfortunately we didn’t know the visible signs to look out for, we relied on Tom to do this. Another issue was potential structural issues below our kitchen space. Tom did say to consult a structural engineer however told us that the visit/consult, drawings and the work to fix the issues would be no more than $2000. Well, structural engineers cost about a minimum of $1000, and we’ve had a few contractors price the work between $5000-8000. I would have rather him not tell us any price. Finally, our attic is also under question. The only thing Tom noted was that the previous owners had used the attic space to store their Christmas decorations, completely useless information. Meanwhile, there are bowed 2x6s that are holding the roof up and need reinforcing, there is daylight coming through the attic space which is a clear sign of roof issues, there is an uncapped plumbing pipe leaking methane gas in our attic, ALL MISSED BY TOM. Do not put your trust in this company. Tom’a background is not in contracting work. If you go back on his earliest HomeStars reviews the MAJORITY of them are “assisted reviews” which means he wrote them and sent them to customers for approval. OR the reviews were removed for unknown reasons by HomeStars. VERY ODD. Tom’s lack of due diligence has cost us TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. DO NOT USE HIS SERVICES.

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