05-April-19: Company called me and promised the Windows will be fixed by 22-April. and they confirmed that the provided door is not matched to the order, so they are working to provide a new door to match the requirements. i will keep updating this review to let you know when the issues are getting resolved. 26-Mar-2019: We used Northern Comfort to replace 20 Windows and 2 Doors. The first sales rep was awesome, and suddenly the company changed the sales rep, the second one was not cooperative, so I have many issues. In summary the issues are: - 3 windows in the basement are leaking, so very cold and frozen water in the basement. - Windows not finished since Oct-2018 till now. - Entry Door is different color, size and material. The door summary complains as the following: Hardware- Knobs: Grip-set is Nashvilles. Finished should be Satin Nickel and not Black. Glass: Glass size for Door should be # 2264 Glass size for Side should be # 764 Door Size: We agreed the Door W=42, that’s to make the side smaller which the changed the 2 sides to one side. However the delivered door is W = 36 Side should be 9.5 and the delivered one is 16 (Almost double), do you accept in your home side door half sized of the Door?!!! Door material: I have requested a Fiber glass door and not something mix between Fiber and Steel, as the side is steel as well, and looks so awkward not as I requested. Side (Color, Material and finishing) should be same as the samples in the catalogue, which the Door-Side should be Fiber same as the Door. Notes: - There is an email to prove the above requirement and the Quote prove that as well. - Photo #1: The wrong door that has been installed - Photo #2: The requested glass-size - Photo #3: The requested door-color - Photo #4: From the catalog is to show how the (material and quality) which I have been promised. As I paid the money in advance, so the sales rep not calling me and I am not able to reach out to anyone in the company, look like I need to join with other peoples they have issues with the company and go with legal options. Thanks, Essam Behman 647-449-6973

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Company Response

Hi Essam - our sales team is reviewing your order now and will identify what the issue is and reach out to you. Thank you for your feedback.