I received a few quotes from different companies. They were all about the same cost, but what set 123 Roofing apart was their customer service. I received a call from their Managing Director who went over the basics with me. Not long afterward, I talked with their Sales Manager Andre. We had a good conversation and he filled me with confidence in their work. He managed to prepare a quote based on our conversation, some photos I sent him, and Google satellite imagery! As for the work itself, I was really happy with the crew. Rodney and his team of 3 guys were pleasant and focused. They pulled up the old roof, used 2x4s and plywood to create a nicely sloped new substrate, covered it in roofing materials, then added new gutters and downspouts. The big difference between 123 Roofing and all the other companies I explored with in their service. Most of the other companies spend less than 5 minutes looking at my roof, then went out to their truck to prepare a xeroxed quote. With 123 Roofing, I felt like I was getting professional level service from a real business, not just some guy with a truck.

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