My complaint with this company is that they haven't honored the warranty to replace the emerald cedar trees that died last summer(2017) with new trees.I have been given nothing but the runaround every time I contact the owner Leah saying she will fulfill her obligations as a business owner but never has thus far.No way to treat a customer that has paid in full and not very professional.

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Company Response

The clients first delivery of trees was planted april 20th 2017, the job was completed in multiple deliveries of 8-10 trees at a time. The final load of trees was installed on June 5th 2017. Near the end of the deliveries there was 4 dead trees from the first delivery. 4 trees were given for free from one of the latter loads and the 4 dead ones were replaced. The rest of the trees were all alive and doing well. At this point we were already at the 90 day warranty for the first delivery of trees. I was very very explicit in making sure the client understood he must notify me of each trees AS it died. I made it clear that the warranty is very strict as we sell thousands of cedars a year. I did not hear from the client until october 4th 2017. This is 5 months after the last delivery. The warranty for this particular client was 90 days, as we extended it for him from the regular 30 days because he was buying so many trees. Even though the client isn't entitled to any trees under the warranty, I have been trying to accomadate him. I never did tell him he was outside of warranty as we had a fantastic rapport and I genuinely wanted to replace the trees for him as he had made an investment. During one point of our conversations, i informed him that I had no 12 foot trees remaining, i actually went and acquired a new field of trees solely for the purpose of him to dig out replacement trees of which i was paying for. I spoke to this client a mere 2 weeks ago when i sent him pictures of the trees. I never received a request for a day to go dig. Now we are here.