After a high wind rain storm in 2017, we noticed water soaking up the carpet under our large wooden window. After tearing back the carpet and ripping off the drywall from under and around the bottom of the window, we saw that the OSB next to the stone front was rotted and broke apart like saw dust. The studs under the window were black, beat up, crooked and leaning to the side. The floor under the window was black and soft. It looked like water had been coming in for several years. Thinking we could find a fix, we contacted several contractors to provide possible solutions and were told that the window needed to be replaced. We came to find out the window only had a 2 year warranty when we built the house. We got the impression that the entire window was never meant to last and nobody representing the home builder warned us to install something different. Feeling betrayed by the home builder for installing this type of window in our house and not knowing who we could trust to replace the failing window with something that won’t fail again in a few years; we started researching. The search for window manufacturers and/or installers in the Calgary area provided us with a multitude of companies to investigate and we spent hours sorting through the companies we see advertising on TV and those we’ve never heard of for comparable products and end results. In the end, we asked for quotes from three companies that could replace our (gorgeous looking) leaking wooden rubber gasket lined window with a better quality window. One company highly recommended removing all of the stone from around the window (therefore the wall) to get the best result (our window is surrounded by stone and removing stone from around the entire window was not an option we were willing to consider). Another said they would replace the window using “Building Code” and we know that’s the “minimum standard” required that we received when building our home in the beginning. Another said they could replace the window if we removed the stone from under the window in order to deal with the wood rot and they use a 7 - stage leak proof installation system and provide several warranties that cover glass and installation. After reviewing the quotes we went back to the reviews of each company. After another consultation with Adam, we chose MAXgreen because they use the 7 - stage leak proof installation and they had excellent detailed reviews of the product they provide and the workmanship provided by the installers. Jim and his team of Nick and Chris did an amazing job from start to finish regarding the installation. We were amazed with their attention to detail, their work ethic to give us the best outcome and treated the project as if they were doing the project on their own home. We are more than satisfied with the finished project, including the rebuild of the rotted floor and wall along with the new window. We highly recommend MAXgreen to anyone looking for quality in product, installation and attention to detail. Rob and Cindy

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Company Response

Thanks for the very detailed review Rob and Cindy! Unfortunately in the renovation industry (and sometimes even in new constructuion) there is nobody watching when the windows and doors go in so there are often many corners cut with the installation process. This is why we feel it is so important to educate as many homeowners as we can about the correct way to install windows to ensure they don't leak any time in the future. Caulking and spray foam alone certainly cannot protect a home from costly water damage as you unfortunately found out the hard way. I am glad we were able to not only ensure your new window is LEAK-PROOF but that your wall and subfloor below were able to be properly repaired before the new window went in! Thank you again for the review and we look forward to working with you again when you are ready for more window replacements. Cheers, Adam