Issues noted within a day of install: - insulation was removed for fitting a new pipe and not replaced. - thermostat was wired for a one stage furnace when I have a two stage - AC I was sold appears to be greatly undersized - struggles to keep the house at 23.5 degrees when set at 21. I was told by my contractor for my other home renos, for my size house (~2600 sq feet) I should be at least 3 ton and not 2.5, but likely a 3.5 ton would be needed to cool it. Response thusfar: - emails & calls not responded to - decide to call in the office and after going through my issues they try to sell me a water purifier - several times - after clearly stating I wasn't interested, nor would I even consider anything else from them until my current issue was resolved. Disaster so far

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On time, quickly done, everything explained, no complaints at all. Would recommend for anyone changing locks.

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Hello Jason
Thank you for your positive review.
I am glad we could help with your security needs.
Randy Walker (Owner)