Allison and Scott were a pleasure to work with. There were some delays and mix-ups during the process. I assume it was because they're handling a lot of different customers. The patio looks great! I was happy with how well they fit the blocks around the window well. I had to pick a bunch of rocks out of the lawn before I mowed, unfortunately, and there were skid marks left on the driveway from the bobcat.

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It was a pleasure working with you.

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Their customer service was fantastic, but I wasn't satisfied with the end result. I wanted them to level my basement floor. The first time they did it, it didn't work out very well. It was not level and was blotchy. They came and did it a second time, which looked a lot better, but was still not flat and level. They came back again and ground down the high spots and patched the low spots, but it still wasn't flat and level. It's definitely better than it originally was, but I was expecting a self-leveller to be perfect. Maybe that was an unrealistic expectation. I found out after the fact that they have a "tolerance level" for the flatness. It would be a good idea to tell customers that ahead of time to avoid disappointment. In any case, I needed to level the floor in one of the corners for my shower base because it wasn't one of the spots that they fixed up at the end. I decided to contact Mark to see if he would be willing to fix it for me and luckily, he was, even though it's a couple months later. Thank-you! I should also mention John, who did the bulk of the work/return visits. He's very polite, respectful, quiet and hard working.

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Hi Kurt, yes I should have explained to you that there is a 1/4" tolerance over a 10 foot span and that leveling cement can have a blotchy appearance in some areas for a floor leveler is not meant to be your traffic surface it's going to be covered over. I had mentioned to you yesterday that we would gladly come down in touch up the bathroom area


Mark Devine


I had a really tricky problem with my furnace where it would cut out with an error code. I had ATCO do an inspection first and was recommended to use a lighter filter. Then I had another HVAC company come twice. They replaced my inducer motor and pressure switch, adjusted the slope of my intake vent and shortened the drain hose. The problem persisted. I then called the company that installed the furnace and they referred me to Lee. I also wanted to install AC, so I had them come for both. Jeff came and took a quick look to give me a quote. He was very informative and eager to educate. He came back for the AC install. He was about an hour late, but called ahead to let me know he would be. Afterwards, he diagnosed the furnace issue. He didn't really find anything so we scheduled Lee and Adam to come. After a couple hours of troubleshooting, they determined that the furnace was leaning slightly in the wrong direction and not draining water well enough. After shimming it up, it has been running without problems for the past day. All three guys were nice, were very knowledgeable and they did a great job.

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