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Venu in Toronto
Venu in Toronto
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Sprinkler System installation

I found Ted and his foreman Darryl to be totally inconsiderate & uncaring due to a faulty installation of the valve on the system. I had to call them multiple times to get them to come. Even while installing the system initially they made mistakes and had to redo some parts of it. Because the installation took extra time they were in a hurry to leave and not come back the next day to make sure that the system was was working properly. When I called them about the leakage it took them about 10 days before they finally came and fixed the faulty valve. The leakage from the valve hiked my water bill to double what it normally is. When I reached out to Ted and Darryl they categorically told me that they are not be responsible for the leakage of the water
Personally I found both Ted and Darryl only interested in getting the $$$ but not at all interested in basic customer service.
I would not recommend them to anyone ever. Anyone wishing to know more details are welcome to contact me for any clarification & details at vgopal2012@gmail.com

Installation done on May 16th
Called Darryl about leakage on June 10th
Text msg from Ted recd on June 22nd
Came and fixed the issue on June 24th
The water leakage was from May 16th to June 24th and both Ted & Darryl would not accept that the increase in the water bill was due to the leakage. The text msgs confirming this are still on my phone

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Company Response


Thank you for taking the time to write this review for us. It is unfortunate that we could not come to an agreeable solution.

-Though the installation did take extra time and everything was completed, our team came back the next day. This was upon your request just to see the sprinklers work during the day which we accommodated.
-To be clear, you contacted Darrel on June 10th about water runoff near the curb a month after installation. Darrel had asked a few troubleshooting questions as it is common with sprinklers to have some runoff at the lowest sprinkler heads due to low head drainage caused from residual water in the pipe after the system is turned off.
-We waited for a reply, on June 22 you texted and told us that it didn't seem to be from residual water in the pipes. We came on June 24 (2 days later, something we pride ourselves with as we came late in the evening to ensure everything was ok)
-Upon investigation, we immediately found that the valve was defective from the manufacturer (which is rare and we replaced immediately under warranty).
-We've accommodated all your requests, fixed everything in a timely manner, it seems you are still unhappy because we could not agree on a fair dollar amount for an increased water bill (which we still have not determined how much is from the leak caused by faulty material from the manufacturer and how much is from regular sprinkler usage).

We are disappointed that you feel we are deserving of this rating, as we feel we've been accommodating and fair throughout the process, but understand your frustration and hope we can come to a fair resolution.