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Disaster...Stay away from these guys

EDIT on Nov.3.2020 Edit: They backed after shutting down the work for long and did excavation, and Told me last week to pay for Material to continue, I did...I was told today is my order shipment...I just called Stone company, Found out there has not been ordered....I was told another Wrong information by owner....I will Update here.

Original Review:
I signed an contract With Amaris Group about my back yard Interlock job on July 2020, they supposed to start End of August...., So far Only 5 day real job is done...excavation is not even half done (today is Oct.23.2020).

Mismanagement to the roof, There is no supervision on job site,it is an absolute mess, workers do what they like to do and left on their own..start around 11am and leave 3 or earlier ... They stop and ask for higher price in middle of work and add to it...after I paid; 2 days they work and again disappeared...., it is almost rain every day now, they are playing game from Summer till now which is end of October....DO not trust them... From summer we are reaching Winter now in Canada... and still no progress
They subcontract your job to different contractors, most of them are general Labor and he makes lots of excuses because of covid, more than 5 job in my neighborhood already finished since August,But Mine even not half... they have made a mess and left my house and neighbor Grass and walkway..... even excavation not done completely.
they work one day, disappear couple of days or weeks and back again...I am on Phone every day , every single day to followup........the employees changing every week.... this is not a reliable company....Even if they want to do free job for you, do not accept it. there is no knowledge of work or Capability or else...

Stay your time and Money.... This is an open headache for me and family since August and I hear a new promise every day from them over and over.., after 12 Year working with contractors in Real Estate industry for myself and family and friends , This is the worst one I can say.

Do not Pay deposit more than %10, I have paid over %35 since they asked. Whole My Summer is wasted on sitting and wait and wait and wait .... and this is going on... next step would be Legal action....

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