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Save yourself from the grief!

My husband and I purchased 11 windows from Nordik in May 2020 for our remodel home. They sent a technician to confirm measurements in July and gave us an installation date of August 31, 2020… 3 months. We had a construction schedule planned with several trades, and planned the window installation right before the drywall.
Nordik arrived on August 31 to install, and sure enough all 11 windows were incorrect, they were either the wrong size and/or wrong colour. I called Nordik immediately to complain and they apologized and told me due to the deficiency in the order, they would expedite manufacturing of the new windows and deliver them in 2-3 weeks. This delay screwed up our entire construction schedule.
I wanted to ensure that they had the correct measurements, so I asked for another technician to return to remeasure. I waited weeks a for an update until finally in mid-September, I received an email from their customer service rep advising that due to the custom nature of our order, our windows had a new delivery date of October 23 or 30 (TBD). I was very upset considering this was 2 months after our original installation date. I kept reaching out to Nordik for an update on a concrete date, was it October 23 or October 30? Finally they reached out advising that due to some parts being on back order, they had to reschedule our installation to Monday, November 16. I had to rejig our trades again – not easy. The week before the new installation date, I reached out to Nordik confirming the Monday November 16 installation date and asked for an arrival time. They confirmed the date and advised between 8-10am.

I took the morning off work to meet the installers at the house at 8am… waited for an hour and 40 min until I received a call from Nordik at 9:40am. They were “so sorry” for the short notice but the windows would not be installed that day because they didn’t make the truck on Friday. I was livid. I asked to speak to a manager and was able to get a hold of Amanda Cummins (Operations Manager). She was understanding and assured me that this was a huge error on their part and their customer service rep should not have confirmed our installation date of November 16. She said that she would take over our file from that point on, and ensure our order was a priority. Amanda committed to having the windows completed and installed the following week on November 25. She was to triple check the order and provide us with updates. How can Nordik have these windows completed in a week, when they kept delaying us due to parts being on backorder?

On November 25, the truck arrived with 7 out of the 11 windows incorrect, again. Amanda said she would “triple check” the order, and yet she failed to do so. The installers completed 4 windows that day and left a mess. Amanda apologized again and advised that Nordik would return the next week to complete the installation on December 4. Again we had to rejig our trades.
On December 4th, the installation team arrived with the remaining windows and completed the job. They left a mess inside the house and out, they nicked our new walls and ceilings, they used one of our carpenter’s wood saws for cutting all the casing without permission, and they did a lousy job installing the casing.
After all this, we never got a call from Amanda or anyone from Nordik to follow up with our installation. I waited a few days and decided to email them a lengthy note with all our comments, feedback and $7,237 additional costs we incurred because of their 3 month delay and incompetence. After quite a few email exchanges between Amanda Cummins, Gord Anderson (Controller) and ourselves, they offered us an 8% credit. Completely unacceptable.
I would not recommend this company to anyone. Avoid them at all costs. They do not have the right staff and resources to manage this company properly. They caused my husband and I a great deal of stress, anxiety and money. Not worth it.

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Company Response

Hi Tamar, We are very sorry to hear that you had this experience with Nordik Windows & Doors and for any delays that the pandemic has put on your order. I have looked over your file and it shows that you have already made arrangements by email for us to come back in the spring and resolve your caulking issues and any other issues that you are concerned about! We want to ensure you that the unfinished product that you see at the moment will look beautiful once the job is completed!