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Damanbir in Vancouver
Damanbir in Vancouver
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Zero customer service and Unprofessional staff


I arranged for a packing and moving service with these guys and they quoted me "$100.00 per hour - includes 2 men & 1 truck (Basic Tool) includes: Travel Time, Move Time, Boxes and Supplies)"

I was not at my place because I am stuck overseas due to COVID-19 so my friend oversaw the move on my behalf. I was hoping for some peace of mind hiring these folks to do the move but this is the LAST AND ONLY time I would avail their services and deal with them:


Here is what ensued on the moving day:

1. The moving crew arrived WITHOUT the packing or miscellaneous supplies. Besides that, my friend overseeing the move on my behalf, had to help them pack up clothing and other miscellaneous items in plastic bags and other makeshift boxes while the girl (part of the moving crew) kept on saying it's not her fault, she only gets paid $19/hour, and generally being super defensive about everything. My friend called the office and the guy who answered said he'd get the Vancouver supervisor on it right away to bring boxes over and that he'd call back with a status update. My friend relayed the information to the movers and the girl just scoffed and said something like "What is he going to do? Drive all the way from Langley where the office is and drive over a few boxes?" That was very unprofessional of her to say something like that. Even after the move was finished and packed, my friend never got the call from the "Vancouver supervisor".

2. When the movers started taking apart the bed frame, they asked for a screwdriver and an allen key because they weren't advised by the office to bring any tools with them. When we spoke with them early on, we were assured that they would have all the tools necessary to disassemble furniture. What if we had no tools?! We were very lucky that my roommate had some.

3. When the movers were ready to leave for the storage unit, the girl asked for my credit card information, which my friend gave, and then the girl said things will happen in this order:
a. They will unload everything into the storage unit
b. She will take a picture of what it looks like
c. She will text it to me
d. She will call me to see if I'm happy with how it's organized
e. I would then give her authorization over the phone to charge the credit card.

Note that A through D, DID NOT happen. What really happened was I noticed a charge from them on my card and quickly alerted my friend via text. My friend then called the girl on her cell and she said they were just finishing up and had taken a picture and was just about to text it to me. My friend asked her why she didn't do as she said earlier (steps a. through d.) and she made an excuse that it was all done now anyway and she'll be sending over the picture shortly. Also, because there was no receipt or invoice given to me, my friend asked her about the breakdown and she said it was 2 hours of moving plus 1 hour of travel. When my friend called her to find out why the card was charged without her authorization, it was 14:49h. She eventually texted the picture to me at 17:10h.

4. I am not happy that we had to be the ones to provide their movers with masks. As they mentioned on your website, they are an essential service. How are they providing masks and gloves for your movers? This is the least they could do to not only safeguard their own employees but the people who hire them too!

So as you can see we were extremely UNHAPPY with the service and requested a 50 %discount in a email highlighting our concerns listed above. This is the response we got (and I will let you judge how unprofessional these folks are):

"I have reviewed your email and have been in touch with the local manager and crew. We apologize for the staff defensiveness and I can only assume that is why some of the comments were made.

It is true that it would have taken over an hour to do a box delivery and from what I understand you were accommodating by letting our crew use your boxes, bags & tools. Thank you.

The travel charge is a flat rate of 1 hour for the crew leaving and returning to dispatch. The time it takes to arrive that the delivery address is considered move time.

PPE supplies are supplied to the crew however, they run out.
Since the move was only 2 hours plus the 1 hour travel we will not be refunding 50% of the waybill to your client. The time charged is well within industry standards.

Again, I apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced."

Bottom Line: If you want to HIRE a cheap moving service and DON'T care about the lousy moving service they provide, please go ahead and do business with them.

However, IF you want some one professional who knows what they are doing and know C-U-S-T-O-M-E-R S-E-R-V-I-C-E, then please stay away from these guys.

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