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Rebecca from Toronto
Rebecca from Toronto
3 reviews Toronto, ON

Farewell Red Squirrel

Sande was very helpful to deal with our uninvited red squirrel in our attic! He did a complete inspection of the outside of our house and took lots of photos which he showed us and gave options of next steps. After sealing off any holes and putting in a one-way box so our furry friend can leave but not get back in, Sande took after photos as well. We paid a little more than the original quote because we had multiple holes/entry points and we also went with additional options Sande gave us such as putting cages over our roof vents. We are quite happy with Sande and would definitely recommend Sande Wildlife Control.

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Company Response

Red Squirrels can definitely find the smallest of small areas to get into customers homes. Being this late in the year all Wildlife are desperate to get back inside. With Red Squirrels that store their food inside their shelter unlike European Grey Squirrels, they will be very persistent to get back inside. Even though I closed off the holes and two roof vents, there was still the possibility of the Red Squirrel chewing in through the wood exposed along the roofline as mentioned. To secure a house totally can be very expensive indeed as it takes a lot of work to totally secure some houses. I'm sorry the Red Squirrel did manage to chew back in along the roofline that I mentioned but that's why we explain every detail on our customers homes as well as provide photos. As discussed after finding the new entry I'll be back to secure the entire roofline, so you'll never have to deal with that persistent Red Squirrel that was wanting so badly to get back at it's food. What most customers really got to know as I stress is when it gets colder out Wildlife will find the smallest of opening to get back inside. Once the roofline is secured it comes with a five year guarantee to make 100% sure it doesn't get back inside. Thanks for the review and apologize you have such a persistent Ref Squirrel that got through the declined work. I'm 100% sure you will be satisfied once the roofline is secured from all bigger Wildlife that seek shelter in your home.

Thank you
Sande Terry

PS: glad to of come back to secure the roofline after your stubborn Red Squirrel didn't want to leave. The worst part fir Red Squirrels is that they store their food inside of your home, hence the reason why weak areas are attacked to gain re-entry into your home. With no response from you fir well over a month I can see your very satisfied with our work.