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Furnace Service call

The complaint arises from a service call performed on Feb 18th, 2021.
The service Tech arrived on Feb 18th,21 to perform a requested standard service check.
Upon looking at the furnace, and without removing any components, he was already mentioning that he suspected the heat exchanger was cracked and the furnace would require replacement. He proceeded to produce a co2 measuring device and took some readings from various areas inside the furnace, which he said showed higher than normal readings. He then took a plumbing scope and inserted it into the heat exchanger tubes and showed me what he perceived as cracks in the tubing. By this time he had also already produced an estimate for a furnace replacement which he indicated was a ‘Time Limited Offer” which he could install the next day. When I indicated I would like to consider this longer, he then added a $1000 deduction “for existing customers”, which again was a “time limited offer”. I again indicated I would review and get back to them.
I immediately called another company to review ProSolution’s concerns.
Before the second tech arrived I checked my warranty and found out I had a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger. The tech did a cursory inspection of the furnace as he had no testing instruments and said he concurred that the heat exchanger, based in age, probably required replacement.
This company gave me a quote on just the heat exchanger replacement but the labour cost was excessive.
Based on ProSolution’s assessment, I then contacted a third contractor and received an acceptable quote for supply and replacement of a complete furnace.
Once the old furnace was removed, I proceeded to disassemble it. Once I had gained access to the heat exchanger, I documented their visual condition with photos and then completely removed the component. The heat exchanger showed no indications of cracks which caused me great concerns.
I then performed a “water test”, on the tubes by filling them and actually putting a 12inch column of water on each of the tubes. THERE WAS NO SIGN OF LEAKAGE.
My complaint is that I was basically forced into the position of furnace replacement by the “ProSolution” recommendation. If the Tech’s assessment was faulty then I have spent $3000 which was not necessary.

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Company Response

Here is our response through the BBB:This message originally read on 3/18/20211) We offered a FREE DIAGNOSIS to the client. The screen shots of the information indicate what was emailed to him and that he opened said docs.

2) If he wasn't happy with the primary diagnosis we ALWAYS offer a FREE 2nd or even 3rd opinion from a completely different technician and personality within the company.

3) Mr. Brown never called us back with any questions, we cannot assist him if he decided to hire another company.

4) Mr. Brown CHOSE to go with another 2 companies THAT DID NOT PROVIDE ANY DIAGNOSIS...but rather agreed with the primary diagnosis from our technician.5) At what point does Mr. Brown become responsible for the information allowed to influence his decision? We did not accept any money from him, therefore what could we possibly "owe him"?

6) The report shows an issue with the concealed SECONDARY HEAT EXCHANGER and not the primary heat exchanger above.
Bill To
Ron Brown $0.00
Invoice Summary Furnace compassion analysis had over 264% excess air and could see the degeneration of the secondary heat exchanger.
He will Consider REPAIR ba REPLACE
Subtotal $0.00 Tax $0.00
Total $0.00 Balance $0.00

7) the report never suggested any cracks and the technician never reported or photographed any cracks...we were thorough in our report, was Mr. Brown being thorough himself in his investigation with a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, whatever he wanted, diagnosis?

8) We had emailed a limited time offer to thousands of repeat clients and had an emergency tune-up offer. Furnace stock has been VERY LIMITED in Edmonton during this winter and the model offered to Mr. Brown is most certainly out of stock in my shop now & pricing has increased for future shipments also. Limited offers are VERY NORMAL

9) Should Mr. Brown not ask his installer why they ripped out the furnace without establishing "a reason"?

10) I have never had a client reason as such....ever. We have terminated future service with Mr. Brown in our dispatching system so as not to hurt anyone's feelings in the future...We can fix FURNACES but we are not hired to "FIX FEELINGS". You had every opportunity to get a real 2nd or 3rd, 4th, 5th or whatever opinion from anyone else OR even call our office back to complain and sort things out. You did not.

Sincerely,Jason Billey
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