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Emilia in North York
Emilia in North York
5 reviews North York, ON

Baseboards + Few Rooms

I want to start this off with the fact that the actual painters of WOW were great, respectful and did a good job. They are the reason I would consider recommending the company again, with more direction, which is great, because they are the ones doing the work in the first place.

They did, however, not remove any of the electrical outlets or light switches which I found odd. When I expressed that I found it odd, I was told "the painters have a eye for detail and wouldn't make a mark, that's why they don't remove them". Is that how professional people paint things?

My experience with the planning, communication and execution of the corporate side of the company is less than desired. Definitely needs improvement.

After a quick consultation, I was given a price verbally. Upon a written estimation, it was more. The representative did honour his verbal quote, which I appreciated.

Our painting was scheduled for pretty soon after the booking. I expected to pay a deposit, but wasn't asked for one, so kept my email. After not hearing from my representative about the process, I had to email about paint codes and what the process was, I did get a reply "yes". After spending a lot of time searching for paint matching and making choices, I re-read the fine-print on the estimate, that the estimate was for 4 colour choices. That would have been handy to know before from my representative when I asked.

Everything went smoothly at the painting. Didn't notice until half the day was done that all baseboard trim had a GLOSSY finish. I was not aware I had to confirm the finish of the paint, and it was not confirmed with me. My house had already been painted halfway, and the rest of the house was completed with eggshell trim. The representative saw this on our consultation.

When mentioning this at the walkthrough, he said "well 90% of people want a glossy baseboard" and I said "well, I wouldn't have." He said nothing, didn't offer to re-do it or rectify the situation. I said ... one window in my kitchen has eggshell paint, the other is glossy. He shrugged his shoulders.

Afterwards, I went to pay the bill, as no mention of an invoice was told to me, and all I had was this estimate that said I could pay via EMT. I tried to look at it (yea, didn't try hard because there was no information) and forgot about it.

A week later I received a formal invoice from WOW from another representative, and put it in my bills to pay. Less than 24 hours later I had a phone call follow up asking why my bill wasn't paid yet, and an email reminding me to pay my invoice when the bill was due upon project completion.

Service had definitely not impressed me here with this.

I filled out their survey that they must have sent me 4 times. I filled it out. I said, yes, I'd like to be contacted within 24 hours. A week later someone from BC called me and said there was a computer glitch and someone who call from my Franchise to speak with me about the baseboard issue. He said he would get this done within 48 hours and someone would call to talk about coming to re-do the baseboards with the proper finish.

It's been another 2 weeks with no communication and therefore I thought it was time to place my review.

Great painting job (except for the paint finish and the outlet thing), again, bad execution with a bad taste in my mouth. Don't feel like everyone will have this experience but think it's wise if WOW amps up their customer process experience. So unorganized and I needed to be on it, or else - who knows what my paint would have been.

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Company Response

Hi there - thanks for your feedback. As you know we have been in touch with you privately and will return shortly to fix the sheen on your baseboards. We really value you taking the time to share your experience and apologize for any inconvenience.