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Iveta in Calgary
Iveta in Calgary
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Disappointed by Warranty and Customer Service

We have had numerous problems with poor workmanship in our home and have had to keep hounding AVI to make repairs, after numerous phone calls and emails some of our concerns have been fixed, however the last issue did it. We took position July 2018!
1. Scratched flooring on main floor. When they came to fix the scratched pieces we realized that AVI installed completely wrong floor. It took them almost 8 months to get the correct flooring and install it correctly! So make sure people you check that you get what you paid for! All this work was done when we moved in with all our furniture here. You can just imagine what we went through.
2. A crack on the sidewalk that is not AVI problem, but apparently the Developer.
3. Gate got installed the way that we could not open it as there is a window well. Took them 2 months to fix the issue. Of course we could not use the gate.
4. Railing in front was installed wrong way - completely of and it took them almost a year to fix it as well the post on our porch. Installed completely off, nothing was align.
5. Bathroom fans stopped working after a year. The person who came to fix it told me that they told AVI not to use the brand. I guess, cheap is the way to go.
6. Duct vent coming off under the kitchen sink - so they glued it on the cabinet. Duct vent on the floor in the living room half way sticking out because they did not cut big enough hole for it and left it.
7. Microwave issue.
8. Faucet leaking in the kitchen. Yes it is fixed but after a year and half we got defected faucet?
9. Missing countertop behind stove! Yes, it got "fixed" but it is not 1 piece but instead I have now 3 pieces of counter tops! When they came to inspected first when I made complaint, they said it is OK the way it is. So I went to showhome and took picture and showed them that it should be installed the same way. Finally they fixed it.
10. Garage pad cracked and collapsed. As per the "expert", Don, it was in the 1 year warranty only. Guess what, when they came to do the 1 year warranty check up, they never went into my garage. So now I am just praying that they will still do something about it.
11. Latest - the bath tub in our spare bedroom leaked and made big damage on our ceiling and walls. I phoned emergency number for AVI which they been really good until the "expert", DON, came to our house and told me that the bathtub is cracked. And he said that they have to determined if it is still under warranty or not or if it is manufacture defect. GUESS WHAT? Without explaining us, contacting us they simple decided that it was not under warranty or manufacture defect.... but they came to fix the tub and ceiling, but apparently we are responsible for the walls because it is not under warranty. You could clearly see that the crack is the wrong way not as someone hit it with hummer!!!!!!! So, the "expert", Don, been really customer oriented and yelling at me here at my house how it is not his problem and that he is here only to bleached the ceiling. So my walls in the living room are blistered, bean is cracked as well all the paint along the fire place is cracked too.

I am hoping that before your buy house from Homes by Avi, you will read all those reviews. Go with different company and save money. Homes by Avi is not what used to be. They do not care how much money you spent, unless you are buying hire range house. We are first generation living in Canada and we had to sacrifice few things to be able to get this house. But as per the "expert" Don who cares. Warranty Coordinator, Jackie, will not even reply to our emails. or let us know what is next step. Who cares, they already got our money. I already had few people asking me how am I happy, and I will tell you the true, Not at All. And do not buy with AVI.
And all those warranties, they are a joke. If you need them to fix something you are just praying it is still under warranty!
Very disappointed ex-customers, Iveta and Jaro

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