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JRTO from Toronto
JRTO from Toronto
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Problem SOLVED

For years we have dealt with the sound of rats behind the walls of our finished basement in our semi-detached house. Every 6 months we had a different pest control company come in and drop poison in various places behind the walls. We stopped hearing the rats within a week or two after that, followed by the stench of rotting rats in unknown locations. The smell lingered for weeks. In May, we finally had had enough, so we called Joe at Snap.

Unlike the others who would drop poison and then leave saying 'problem solved', Joe did a much thorough investigation. He asked very pointed questions about where the noise was coming from, and eventually cut a small hole in the drywall. Low and behold, Joe discovered a hole in the cement floor behind the wall. With a camera, he could track the hole, but only as far as the adjoining wall with our neighbor. Without access to their house, Joe filled our hole with cement and metal wire. He also left poison so that he could return and see if the problem was solved with the hole patch, or if there were other sources.

Fast forward 6 months and Joe returned, as part of his original agreement to come at no extra charge for a few follow up visits. When he opened up the wall again which he had temporarily patched, he discussed no new droppings, and all the original bait still in place. No evidence of any new rats! For the record, we have not heard anything since Joe left, but he still insisted on coming to check. When he left, he said, "See you in the spring", honoring his commitment to ensure the job remains fulfilled properly.

The original cost was a bit more than the "drop and run" guys who spent 10 minutes in my home compared to the hours Joe spent, but with the follow ups AND the job actually done properly and permanently as opposed to bandaid solutions, we got excellent value.

If you have any pest control problems and want a real resolution as opposed to the other temporary approach, then call Joe at Snap.

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Company Response

Thank you for your review. There is nothing better than to block rats from accessing a home. I was on a roll and still am with finding that exact rat access point. They tunnel into a house through the basement floor or plumbing. The issue with rats has to do with a finished basement and having to find the entry spot. When I hear other more seasoned exterminators say they are experts on rats and just to bait the basement I am left in disbelief. Literally convinced they are offering a guaranteed approach I have even doubted myself at times. How is it possible that they have stopped a rat problem. Clearly from the reviewer in the post the issue was never resolved resulting in the complete loss of his homes enjoyment, dead rotting corpses, and years worth of anxiety. The fact that this has been completed ( still one more follow up in the spring ) brings me great satisfaction and strengthens my belief that I could help families when they need it most. Joe