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After we purchased a home to be renovated and to move in with our 4 children ,we contacted 310 Reno and Mike Jackson the owner for a quote and a visit of our new home.
Arie (Project Manager) and their engineer came and gave us a really good overview of what could be done and not done.
I have to be fair, everything started really well and fast . The home is about 2,100 Sq ft and we were given a timeline of 6 weeks by our Project Manager. The work started on February 19th 2020, I'm writing this on April 26th 2020 and the job is still not finished (even after adapting to new Covid-19 reality)

Good things about 310 Reno:
- Good at demo
- Good at installing floors , tiles
- Good at replacing support beams
- Leverage their network of suppliers for discounts

Not good at :

-Although Mike (owner) insisted on having great communication, we have been ghosted for the past week ; in fact it started 2 weeks ago when flow of communications were slower and slower from Mike and Arie.

- Main bathroom not finished (missing backsplash , vanities handles, vent cover) even though milestone has been paid in full.
- We have have hanging old light fixture that never been replaced
- Electrical outlets still not working after having electricians coming twice
- Kitchen countertop installed was the wrong size
- Kitchen dual garbage bins installed incorrectly ( garbage bins are on the floor in the middle of kitchen)
- Big closet in basement is still not built even though payment was made
- Different color shades in kitchen : kitchen cabinet colours don't match crown moulding
- Light fixtures not turning off completely....
- Some wall outlets are wide open (we have chidden) and not covered with plates
- Arie, PM, pretty much was ready to install kitchen, however, Mike never ordered the kitchen on time and as a result, we wasted 7-10 days for the kitchen cabinets to be installed and for us to move in.
- We never fully had the blueprints of basements (new rooms created) and changed were made without being consulted.
- We still don't know if new electrical passed inspection...
- Lot of garbage and construction material as well as tools are still in the house....
- They came to correct ceiling in the basement and did not cover brand new sofas and as a result, 4 sofas were dusted with white powder particles. Original color was blue, as you can see on picture it is now grey.
- Lot of little work details are still not finished , unfortunately , the details make all the difference

Please note if anyone read this review, that we always paid on time, we always provided all feedback to owner and project manager, we tried to reach out to them by : email , WhatsApp, text messages, phone calls without results, we always have been patient and polite.
We also compiled a list of outstanding items to both owner and project manager to be completed, WE provided it, they did not ask for it.
Please also note that we all adapted to new Covid-19 reality so, this is not the excuse to not finish a work nor reply to customers.

Unfortunalty, if you would have asked me 4 weeks ago if I would recommend them, I would have said yes in a heartbeat. We thought we had a great and honest relationship but you can't never take anything for granted.
We are talking about $150,000 project, lot of money for medicore results.

Thank you,

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