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miniature1 in Nanaimo
miniature1 in Nanaimo
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Beware family businesses that are more about their family than about business to the customer.

Went to store and spoke with salesperson, and on phone with another salesperson. Sent dimensions (Long L shaped) and got an estimate and was told owner would have to come and measure. Seemed very personable. Informed by sales staff they could come and instal early on a date when I had a commitment to take my Mum to Dr. They said all they needed was door left open. Against my and my mother's best judgement we went to the Doctor s it was important. My husband was at home. Installed but clearly cut too short along back of long side and so they moved it forward leaving a 3/8" gap., and pulled shorter side up to it leaving another 3/8" gap at stove so counter top was visible beside stove. My husband paid without inspecting work and they left. When I got home and saw the gaps I called the store and spoke to saleswoman who said "I really should have been at home" and to send photos Which I did. Salesman called and said I had moved stove to make the photo look worse and if they had made it so it would butt up to the stove they would have had to cut another piece of stone. When the owner cam to reassess he quickly indicated that he had mis measured and would fix it. All good, but I mentioned that I really had a problem with his customer service and proceeded to tell him the story about the staff. He cut me off abruptly saying they were his wife and son. I indicated that they were probably very nice people but this was business and that I thought he might be interested in feedback about his business. He got quite angry and said that when they came back to reinstall we weren't allowed to be in the home. In the end it was fixed, but, I really couldn't recommend them because of the terrible experience.

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When this lady walked in our door, she told me this story of how her contractor ripped her off, over charged her, and now she had to save up for her counter tops, so she was looking for a deal. I should have realized this was a red flag. When we called to schedule her install, we had a really tight schedule, and she would have had to wait another 2 weeks till we had another opening, if she didn't take the date we had already penciled in for her. She was rude with our staff on the phone, then she agreed to let us in on the date we had set aside for her. Her husband let us in, we did the install, he did look at it! and he was happy, and paid us in full. She came home from her mothers appointment, and the proceeded to loss it. She had a gap (normal by all standards).She called and ripped a strip off me, then settled down when I asked for some photo's. She sent us photo's and was again rude and demanding to me. yes I'm the wife. I told her not to worry, we would take care of it. When any company leaves space for the stove to slide in and out, there is a set standard. She wanted it tighter. So for the photo's she posted, she pushed her stove as far over to one side to emphasize the gap even farther. My husand was there promptly to see what was wrong. He decided it was easier to fabricate a new piece then deal with her, and her abuse of the staff. He also corrected her about this, which she did not like. He did ask her to not be there, because he knew she was the kind of client that would be breathing over his shoulder if she was there. We have had many picky clients, and that is what they do. Picky is easier to deal with, the someone who already has a chip on the shoulder. We were back as quickly as possible, with a new piece, and she was happy. Then she write this ridiculous review. This was the most miserable client we have ever dealt with, and she takes misery out on everyone around her. I actually feel sorry for her, that she doesn't have anything better to do with her time, the post malicious reviews when in the end it all worked out.