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Kyle in Toronto
Kyle in Toronto
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Buyer beware!

Honestly cannot believe the poor service from this company. Cole's notes ... Got a great quote for an air conditioner in June. Decided to proceed with the purchase. Scheduled an install day, noone showed up. Ok no big deal, I will reschedule, it happens, next appointment comes but they could only come 3 weeks later. At this point the old AC unit has leaked all in the drywall and mould is starting. Their installers refuse to install saying we need to re-mediate the mouldy area first. Slightly perturbed because the mould came as a result of them not replacing the old damaged unit when they no showed the initial appt as there was no mould present at that time. Fast forward $2000 later to have someone come in and remove all the drywall pieces and replace. Finally ready to have the unit installed, schedule the appointment, and wouldn't you know it, noone show up again. At this point I am actually mad, so I call and speak with their management who guarantees this will be rectified. They tell me their dispatch manager will call me to schedule, well guess what, that doesn't happen either. I have to call back and harass them just to get this booked and they already knew the situation I have been going through with them. I am almost at the point where I just want them to refund my money for the unit, but I press on, hoping that this highly reputable company just had a few bad eggs. We schedule the appointment for the 8am-1pm time slot, only to be called the day before and ask if we can reschedule to a later time or another day. I almost lose my mind, how can you keep mistreating me as a customer, does my time not matter to anyone now that you have my money ? Despite all of this, I reschedule for the later time and say this is your last shot, make sure this goes off without a hitch .... fast forward to time of install and well wouldn't ya know it, the installers show up and proceed to ask me where the new AC unit is .... what ??? why would I know where it is ? This has been happening over a three month period and not once have we actually seen an AC unit at the condo. Apparently there manager told them it was already at the house, just not installed .... ughhhhhh the worst service from any company I have ever received. They could not complete the job because they didn't bring the unit that I paid them to come and install !!!???? It is actually ridiculous, so I am now going to be getting a refund and cancel the entire job. Clearly management is not on the same page and I would really think twice about investing your hard earned dollars with this company's abysmal customer service

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Company Response

Very sorry to hear about this experience. If you require further assistance please feel free to email me. ~Haley