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Jeremy Beaumier from Ottawa
Jeremy Beaumier from Ottawa
1 review Ottawa, ON

Central A/C Repair - Water Leaking

Is it me, or are all of these HVAC companies just trying to sell you new un-needed equipment??

I placed a call to check my central air system as water was leaking all over the basement floor.

The tech showed up, took all the panels off to look inside, removed the air filter, then proceeded to do a pressure test. Afterwards he told me the problem was that the coolant was low due to a leak in the discharge valve and that the valve needs to be replaced and the system needs to be flushed and checked for other leaks, total cost about $2,000. He then further suggested it was time to replace the unit and proceeded to schedule a sales appointment.

The he charged me $100 for the diagnostic and left.

I went downstairs to the basement to find he'd left all the panels off, left the air filter laying on the floor and of course I still had to deal with a growing puddle of water. Before reassembling the furnace, I decided to poke around myself, I don't know much about furnaces or A/C but I'm fairly handy. I thought I'd take apart the drain pipe to check drainage, and what do you know, it was clogged. I used a plumbers snake and cleaned it out, reassembled everything and.... everything works perfectly now. No more water on the floor.

As for low coolant, not sure, but the house cools no problem, even with the high heat and humidity, sooo… I don't want to call BS, but I'm very skeptical.

TLDR: Tech did a half-baked job, and didn't even address the actual problem, just tried to sell me a new unit.

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Company Response

Hello, I am very sorry to hear about the experience that you have had with us. If you can please email me with your address/account information I would like to further investigate this service call. Thank you, Jessica