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Worst move EVER!

First time ever hiring movers, and definitely the last. They didn't want to take anything off the truck until the elevator was on service (even though there was little to no traffic) so myself, my husband and 65 year old mom started taking things up in the elevator and finally the movers got the hint and started doing their job. They dropped boxes resulting in several broken items that are not replaceable, also put a hole in our brand new flooring that wasn't even a week old. When we were finally able to get a hold of someone in regards to compensation we were told that WE would have to pay an ADDITIONAL 250$ for someone to come and fix the flooring that they broke, also we were offered only $20 for the broken items that again, cannot be replaced. WE PAID YOU $1500, DID HALF OF YOUR JOB AND YOU BROKE OUR STUFF!!!

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