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Steve M in Mississauga
Steve M in Mississauga
4 reviews Mississauga, ON

Over a year, and small project is still not finished.

We ordered 2 wall sections to be installed on our front porch. (One 45 inches wide, and one 96 inches wide) Both were to be mounted between existing brick walls on the house. The front section has a new door and a new window. The installer was building the front wall not according to the contracted specs. Despite being informed he continued to build the wall incorrectly, and later had to take it all down. When completed, both walls leaked when it rained, and the wood in the wall keeps getting wet. After months they finally got one of the walls to be water tight, but the front wall still leaks. At one point they caulked the base of the INSIDE of the front wall, so the water was trapped inside the wall when it rained. This made it look like the leak was fixed, but it just masked the problem. The last thing you want is water inside the walls rotting the wood, while creating mold and rust. We forced them to remove it, and this revealed water soaked wood, and rust on the bottom of the brand new door. At one point they put drywall on the walls they knew to be leaking which we made them remove until the leaks are fixed. Why would you want new drywall to get wet? Again trying to mask the problem.

This project has been going on for more than a year (14 months now). They claimed to have fixed the leak again, but on June 27th (2 weeks ago) we sent more photos showing the leaks are still there. We have not heard when or if they intend to return. Every claim that the leaks were fixed were proven to be untrue. They even tried to blame our roof! Even though we were testing the leaks on dry days where the roof was not even touched. Oh, and at one point they told us we had to fix the leak (my favourite).

Several times they said they were going to show up and didn't, without calling us. We know things come up, and schedules change due to circumstances, but you should at least inform us that you are not going to work as planned. This is the kind of poor communication and lack of interest they show in completing our long overdue project. We have also had building materials on our front walkway right in front of our front door for about a year. Wood, drywall, plastic, etc. We have had to walk around this stuff, and mice have built nests under them.

The salesman told us that they would rough in the electrical in the room, and our contract indicates this in writing, but they later said they would not do it. So we hired our own electrician to rough it in. So beware that what is agreed to and written on your contract may not be honoured.

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