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Tom Selak
Tom Selak
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New Build

Please ignore the star rating as it is very where we are today and how we got here.

Currently we are engaged in litigation with Kerr Construction over the building of our dream home. In our opinion they did a number of things incorrectly and we will attempt to prove this to a judge in a court of law. Kerr construction has filed a builders lien against our property and has garnished some of our banks accounts prior to the judgement.

Interesting things I can tell you that have already been acknowledged and can't be disputed in court:

1. We spent months and months designing our home with the Kerr Construction designer. We submitted plans to the City of Vancouver and patiently waited. We get a call from Kerr Construction...the house is too big and does not conform to the size of the property. We have a meeting where we were pushed very, very hard to accept a 1-1/2 car garage as a solution. My wife and I are both in sales management...your selling to sales people and street parking is very tight in the neighbourhood...not a very bright tactic! My wife and I went home and showered after the meeting as we felt dirty! Educated guess is that this was the most economical solution for them. Our dream home that we had worked on so hard for months on was shrunk considerably over the next few days. My god this is their business, their job! My wife and I considered this a big mistake and unfortunately, it foreshadowed what was to come!

2. The Kerr Construction project estimator failed to include the cost of the concrete required for the foundation. This was a $22,000 mistake. This means that when we signed the agreement with them, their estimate was $22,000 under. We were already way over our comfort level! My god this is their business, their job.

3. The brand new master bathroom will need to be demolished due to a strange tile install. Can you imagine all the debris being dragged through your new bedroom, down your new stairs, and out your new door. I find it baffelling that all the experienced Kerr Construction Owners and employees that were in our house did not say what are you doing Dude! My god this is their business, their job!

Outside of Kerr Construction my advice would be...If I ever built another house, I would never use the design services of a builder...if there is disagreement...I am sure you can figure out the rest.

I expect someone from Kerr will comment and say 'we are an award winning company...we can't please every customer...we are here for the long haul to make you happy...blah, blah, blah...court costs alone will exceed what they claim we owe them...much, much more than an unhappy "client"!

Please keep checking back as I will be adding detailed and actual information including names, as the litigation process progresses.

***In response to Kerr Constructions comment: We are no longer a client...I do not believe we ever were...maybe on paper! Using kerr Construction was the biggest mistake my wife and I have ever made. I want to be very clear...there is no communication between the parties...the only work being done is by our lawyers, preparing for a battle in court. We have had to put our life on hold as court costs alone will exceed $100,000.

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At this time, we do not wish to comment as we are working to resolve this issue with the client.